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Health Insurance Plans If You Have Your Own Health Insurance

Health Insurance

You must have health insurance to attend UB if

you are a full-time undergraduate or graduate student, or if you are an international student.


Who Needs Health Insurance?
Health Insurance Plans If You Have Your Own Health Insurance — Request a Waiver

Who Needs Health Insurance?

Health insurance coverage is mandatory for:

Full-time undergraduate domestic students (taking at least 12 credit hours)Full-time graduate domestic students (taking at least 9 credit hours)All international students

Part-time domestic students do not need health insurance coverage. These policies are set by UB (for domestic students) and SUNY Administration (for international students).

UB-Sponsored Health Insurance Plans

UB sponsors health insurance plans for domestic students, international students and graduate assistants / teaching assistants. To find out more about UB health insurance requirements and available plans, please contact SBI.

Visit the SBI Insurance website for more information 

If You Have Your Own Health Insurance — Request a Waiver

If you are required to have health insurance — and you have private health insurance that meets the minimum requirements — you can request a waiver for the premium. Please visit the SBI Insurance website for information about waivers, including deadlines.

Visit the SBI Insurance website for more information 

If you are a UB student who is currently registered for classes, you can be seen by Student Health Services regardless of the type of health insurance plan you have. You do not need to be insured through one of UB’s health insurance plans to utilize Student Health Services.

Health Insurance Questions?

Contact the SBI Student Medical Insurance Office for questions about your UB-sponsored health insurance. Please do not contact Student Health Services.
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