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8 Tips for Getting Lower

Car Insurance Quotes

Obviously, it’s unethical to knowingly give false information when obtaining a car insurance quote. But there are two more practical reasons for being truthful.

1. The insurer will check your personal and driving records anyway to verify the information you have submitted.

2. If you do manage to secure a policy with inaccurate information, it’s quite possible that your coverage would be voided when you file a claim if by doing so your lie gets brought to light. And that could leave you in a lurch.

Thankfully, there are legal and principled ways to get the lowest auto insurance quote possible. Here are eight suggestions:

1. Plan before you search. You first have to know what you need before you go looking for it. So figure out whether you only want the minimum liability coverage required by the state, or if you want collision, comprehensive, uninsured motorist, or other policies. If you already have auto insurance, have your policy in front of you while conducting your search.

2. Figure out how much you drive. Don’t just “guesstimate.” Use mapping software to figure out your round-trip mileage from work, school, and/or regular errands. Although you can’t foresee every car trip you’ll take, you can get a pretty good idea of the number of miles you drive in a year — which you will be asked to provide.

3. Experiment with raising your deductibles. If you’re willing to pay $500 or $1,000 for each insurance claim instead of $100 or $250, auto insurers will reward you by offering you a lower rate. Read more

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