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Read about chemotherapy for pleural mesothelioma

Treatment decisions for pleural mesothelioma

Find out about how your doctor decides which treatment you need, the types of treatment you might have and treatment by stage.

Deciding which treatment you need
A team of doctors and other professionals discuss the best treatment and care for you. They are called a multidisciplinary team (MDT).

The treatment you have depends on:

where your cancer is
how far it has grown or spread (the stage)
the type of cancer
your general health and level of fitness
Your doctor will discuss your treatment, its benefits and the possible side effects with you.

The main treatments
Unfortunately mesothelioma can be very difficult to treat as it is often found when it is advanced. Nearly all treatment aims to control your mesothelioma for as long as possible and keep your symptoms under control.

Some people with early stage mesothelioma have surgery. This is followed by chemotherapy or radiotherapy or a combination of both.

People with more advanced mesothelioma might have chemotherapy to shrink it and reduce symptoms. Chemotherapy can help some people live weeks or months longer. Radiotherapy might also shrink the cancer and control your symptoms.

You might have chemotherapy for early stage pleural mesothelioma, alongside surgery and radiotherapy.

Chemotherapy can also help to shrink or control advanced pleural mesothelioma for some time.

Read about chemotherapy for pleural mesothelioma
You might have radiotherapy to control the symptoms of mesothelioma. It can also slow down the growth of your tumour.

Read about radiotherapy for mesothelioma
Surgery can be used to try to completely remove the mesothelioma.

For people with advanced mesothelioma, the surgery aims to remove as much tumour as possible to relieve symptoms. This is called palliative surgery or debulking.

Read about surgery for pleural mesothelioma
Supportive care (palliative care)
Mesothelioma is often diagnosed when it is quite advanced. Some people with very advanced mesothelioma might be too ill to cope with treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery. But you can still have treatment to relieve symptoms such as pain, breathing problems and weight loss.

This is called palliative care. It is managed by a team of doctors and nurses who are experts in controlling symptoms of advanced cancer. The team might also include a physiotherapist and dietician.

Clinical trials to improve treatment
Your doctor might ask if you’d like to take part in a clinical trial. Doctors and researchers do trials to improve treatment by:

making existing treatments better
developing new treatments
Research and clinical trials for mesothelioma

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